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Fly fishing is one of my favorite avocations. But while I'm an avid fly fisherman, I wouldn't describe myself as an extremely successful one, at least in terms of the number of fish I catch most of the time I'm on the water. To quote a line from Jimmy Buffett, "I've had good days, and bad days, and goin' half mad days." That describes my fishing experiences pretty well.

But while I don't always catch as many fish as I'd like, that's only part of the reason I fish. Fly fishing is a sport that offers solitude, as well as companionship if you're fishing with someone you enjoy spending a day on the water with. The number of fish you catch isn't necessarily the defining element of a good day fishing. And trout live in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Just spending some time in an area where there is good trout habitat is refreshing in its own right. Catching some nice fish is a bonus. And since I believe in catch-and-release fishing, when I release a nice fish, there's always a chance that I can catch it again on another day.

If you're interested in fly fishing, you might like to check some of the following sites related to the sport.

First, there's my local organization, the Iowa Driftless Chapter of Trout Unlimited

From 2008 to 2013, the chapter website featured a "Fly of the Month."
Although that feature is no longer active, the fly patterns are
still available here

For information related to Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington waters, you might try my old fly fishing club, the Clearwater Flycasters


Some national organizations related to fishing and conservation issues are the

Fly Fishers International



Trout Unlimited

There are numerous web sites related to fly fishing, including several maintained by tackle companies or other commercial interests. You can find a few of their URL's on the Clearwater Flycasters' Home Page. A few other sites that may be of interest to you are listed below:

PLEASE NOTE: I have no connection with any of
these sites, nor does their inclusion in this list
in any way constitute an endorsement (by me, or any
organization I may be associated with) or, for
that matter, attest to their quality--
Angler Guide -- Fishing Reports, Available by State
Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo
Midwest Flyfishing Online
Dakota Angler and Outfitter:
Fly Shop of the Black Hills
Blue Ribbon Flies
Where to stop when you're in the West Yellowstone area
The Virtual Flyshop, Fly Fisherman's
Online Network
The Women's Flyfishing Homepage
Anglers Online
Fly Anglers Online
The Fly Shop, Redding, CA
State Agencies in the Northwest:
Flyrod Manufacturers:
"USGS Current Water Data for the Nation"
     (Current streamflow data for selected rivers)

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