John and Anna Walli, Wedding Photo, 1906

Johan Valli and Anna Solem were married in Selbu in 1906. She was originally from Rissa, and had come to Selbu to work in the creamery; there she met Johan. After they immigrated to the United States, he used the more American sounding name, John, and the spelling of his family name that his brother had adopted: Walli.

The couple emigrated in 1907, arriving in the area near LaCrosse, Washington, in April of that year. They moved to Limon, Colorado, in 1917, where they remained until 1933, when they returned to the LaCrosse area. They had 7 children who lived to adulthood: John Bernard (b. 1907), Magna Gislaug (b. 1909), Astrid Josephine (b. 1911), Joris Oscar (b. 1913), Justin Alfred (b. 1916), Irvin Edgar (b. 1918), and Reidar Norman (b. 1922). Another son, also named Justin Alfred, died in infancy in 1915.

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