"Windjammin'" on the S/V Yankee Clipper, January 1998,
Photo by Mickey Slind
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"As a dreamer of dreams
And a travellin' man
I have chalked up
Many a mile . . . "
--Jimmy Buffett: "Son of a
Son of a Sailor"

Welcome to Marv Slind's "Parrothead Connection." It really doesn't do much, except provide a quick link to some other pages that are related to Jimmy Buffett and his music. (For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, "Parrotheads" are fans of Jimmy Buffett and his music--a glimpse at a crowd at one of his concerts will quickly reveal the origin of the term) Those pages may provide connections to even more home pages, whose relationship may be tenuous, at best, but even so, you can follow his lead:

"As the son of a son of a sailor
I went out on the sea for adventure.
Expanding the views
Of the Captain and crew
Like a man just released from indenture."
--Jimmy Buffett: "Son of a Son of a Sailor"

Among my course offerings at Luther College was a January-term "First Year Seminar," "From Mobile to Margaritaville: Human Geography in the Music and Fiction of Jimmy Buffett," which I taught in 2012 and 2013. To quote Jimmy himself:

"And now he's called immortal,
yes, he's even taught in school.
They say he used his talents,
a most proficient tool."
--Jimmy Buffett: "Death of an Unpopular Poet"

Click here to go to an archived version of the course site,

If you want to spend some time "Wastin' Away in Margaritaville," go to Jimmy's official site, or if you'd like to "Hear it on the Coconut Telegraph," try out Radio Margaritaville (where I was featured as the "Fruitcake on the Radio" (guest DJ) on March 30, 2016).

If you can't go all the way to Margaritaville, but thinking about it has worked up a thirst, visit an on-line "Webtender" to find a recipe for a Margarita (or just about any other drink you can think of--plus a few thousand more).

(I make no claims regarding anything you might find if you follow these links, much less for its quality--but since Margaritaville's a state of mind anyway, why worry about it?)

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