May 2010

Thread Wrap Trico

Jeffery Skeate

Thread Wrap Trico

Hook: #20-24 Fine-wire Standard Dry Fly
Thread: #8/0 Pre-waxed black
Tail: Grizzly hackle
Body:Black thread only
Hackle Wrap: #20 Grizzly

Comments and Tying Instructions:
Tying Instructions:
  1. Tie on a few wisps of grizzly hackle for the tail.
  2. Wrap a tapered black body half way to the eyelet using thread only.
  3. Wrap four or five turns of #20 Grizzly hackle from end of black body to eyelet.
  4. Tie off or whip-finish thread at eyelet for small head.Tie in the tail hackle barbs-just slightly longer than the shank of the hook.


This is a very effective and simple Trico pattern and can also be used for baetis and midge hatches in addition to the early morning Trico hatches of late July, August and September. Trico fishermen advocate a number of different approaches to fishing the Trico hatch, but I have found a remarkable improvement in strike numbers by using a #24 pattern. The elongated tail makes the pattern effective when the dominant take is spinners later in the morning, but it also helps balance the fly on the water and the pattern is extremely effective with duns as well. Even with a #24 hook, I use #20 Grizzly hackle for the hackle wrap to slightly over-hackle the pattern, an old Catskills tying tradition. This makes the fly ride high in the water and much easier to see. Always use 7X tippet or smaller when fishing the #24 pattern. It is very important to keep your eye on the fly when it’s on the water or you’ll miss the strike!

Photograph ©2010 by Marv Slind