April 2012

Sam's Crawdad

Sam Fox

Sam's Crayfish

Hook: Streamer or nymph hook, size 6 – 10
Claws:Brown or black marabou, approximately the length of the hook
Eyes: Chain beads
Body: Dubbed marabou (same color as claws), wrapped over about a dozen turns of lead wire
Hackle:Grizzly hackle
Overbody After taking several wraps of hackle,
tie remainder of feather over body, extending beyond the eye

Tying and fishing notes:
I came up with this design when I thought about how a crawdad travels through the water when he's in his escape mode. It's tied backwards because that's how the crawdad travels. It's a simple fly using marabou and hackle.

Start with two links from a chain to form the eyes, tying them on the back of the hook roughly even with the hook point. Tie a strip of marabou behind the eyes about as long as the hook. Extend the marabou up and over the eyes, taking a few extra turns of thread behind the eyes. Add about a dozen turns of lead wire for weight. Tie more marabou from the eyes to the front of the hook by dubbing the marabou on the thread and making it thicker in front of the lead wraps. Tie in a hackle feather on the leaded section, leaving a length of feather a little longer than the length of the hook. After tying in the hackle feather behind the lead, wrap the feather flat on top of the hook down to the eye, extending it beyond the eye. Wrap off the fly at the eye and trim the excess feather off flat. This forms the tail of the fly. I have tied this pattern in both black and brown colors and both work well. You can use grizzly hackle with either color.

Fish the pattern deep with short strips and pauses.

Photograph ©2012 by Marv Slind