December 2009

Road Kill Bugger

Chris Wasta

Road Kill Bugger

Hook: Any 3X Long streamer hook, size 8 - 14
Tail:Road Kill Pheasant Marabou and two strands of gold Crystal Flash
Body:Dubbed, from Road Kill Red Squirrel
Hackle: Palmered, from Grizzly Hen Neck
Bead: 1/8" Gold Tungsten

Fly is tied by the standard wooly bugger procedure using above materials. Copper wire ribbing is optional over the dubbed Red Squirrel body

This wooly bugger streamer pattern was inspired by Rich Osthoff's book No Hatch To Match: Aggressive Strategies for Fly-Fishing Between Hatches (Stackpole Books, 2001), and is a slight derivation from one of Mr. Osthoff's patterns. The book's title is self-explanatory, and the fly can be used anytime year-long when obvious hatches are not occuring. It is considered a general all-purpose streamer pattern and is very effective with smallmouth bass as well as trout.

Photograph ©2009 by Marv Slind