March 2012

Rabbit Leech

Ethan Roffman

Rabbit Leech

Hook: #6-10 2xl
Thread:6/0 black (or color to match)
Head: Gold bead or cone
Weight: .020 lead wire or non-lead subsitute
Tail: Rabbit zonker strip
Body: Rabbit crosscut strip

Tying and fishing notes:
1. Slip bead or cone onto hook
2. Start thread behind bead wrap back to hook bend to form base for lead wire
3. Wrap 4-8 turns of lead wire and wrap in with thread
4. Tie in zonker strip near hook bend. Zonker strip length should be equal to hook length
5. Tie in crosscut rabbit strip with hairs laying back to hook bend and wrap strip forward towards hook eye stopping short of bead or cone
6. Form up and secure head with whip finish just behind bead

This fly is normally tied with black rabbit strips. Different color combinations can be used to match conditions. They can be doctored up with flash or rubber legs.

I normally use it dead drifted behind a nymph or egg pattern or swing it as a streamer or slow retrieved through deeper pools. It has worked for me on both cold and warm water species. A simple and effective fly to use. Good luck.

Photograph ©2012 by Marv Slind