May 2012

North NAR Special

Kent Kleckner

North NAR Special

North NAR Special

Hook: Straight hook, #14 or 16
Body: Tan Thread
Rib:Thin/small copper wire

Bead Head North NAR Special

Bead Head Northnar Bead Head North NAR Special

Same Pattern as North NAR Special, with addition of bead head, color of choice, size as appropriate for hook size

NARly Midge

NARly Midge NARly Midge

Hook: Scud hook, #16
Body: Light Cahill Thread
Wing: Tan or light yellow dubbing
Rib: Thin/small copper wire

Tying Instructions and Pattern History:
The first fly is the North NAR Special. It's the original midge that I started tying for North Bear after a few tummy pumps in my early days on North Bear. (See the photos of some of the insects below.) The second is no more effective, but less boring (you could never call a midge exciting, only less boring) and I refer to it as the NARly Midge. Over half of my winter nymph fish were caught on one of these flies dropped a foot below a Pheasant Tail or a Copper John.

I originally called these the "North Bear Special," but I no longer refer to either one by that name any more, as Steve Matter informed me that I had to come up with a better one. After turning down his initial suggestion, I opted for the 'NAR' line up of flies, as in my early days before fly fishing, I was referred to a time or two as KleckNAR instead of Kleckner. The Driftless TU group can look forward to more flies next year already named, in production, and catching fish… The StiNARilator and The StoNARfly Nymph.

Fly Photographs ©2012 by Marv Slind
Insect Photographs ©2012 by Kent Kleckner