May 2009


Dana Dowd

Six Pack

Hook: Straight eye, 3X curved long shank
(Mustad C535; Tiemco 200R), Size: 4, 6, 8
Thread:Size 140 to 210 denier, 6/0 to 3/0 UNI Thread
Color can match rabbit strip or just black
Head: Gold or brass bead, size 3/16
Weight:wire sizes -- .015, .020, .025 (slow water, no weight, fast water, you need weight)
Tail: Rabbit strip and flashabou (Flashabou of your choice is a must)
Head:Rabbit hair dubbing
Tying Instructions and Pattern History:
If you need to creat a fly that looks big for all big fish (like smallmouth bass or trout), I found this fly in a book titled Barr Flies, by John Barr. Bouface's best colors are black, brown, and olive. You can use more than one color, such as purple tail and black collar. I coust out. let sink, and retrieve slowly, with one- or two-foot retrieves. Fairly clear water works best. Tying Instructions:
  1. Slip bead on hoook and start thread. You can wrap weight wire behind bead. Next wrap a layer of threat over wire and hook shank.
  2. Tie rabbit strip to the end of hook shank. Add moisture on hair. Split rabbit strip every quarter inch, and tie to front behind bead. Must add two or four strips of Flashabou.
  3. Tie two bunches of marabou, one on top and the other on the bottom, behind bead. Marabou should be length of hook
  4. Add some rabbit hair for dubbing. Wrap dubbing behind bead, then whip finish.

Photograph ©2009 by Marv Slind