February 2011

Biot Blue Wing Olive

Chris Wasta


Hook: Fine-wire dry fly hook, standard length, #16 or smaller
Thread:8/0 Pre-waxed, black or gray
Wings: Dark Dun Hen Feathers--see notes below
Tail: Coq de Leon fibers
Body: Natural Turkey Biot
Hackle: Grizzly
Tying Instructions and Pattern History:
Tying Instructions:
Last summer, I came across a Blue Wing Olive hatch in which the flies' wings seemed a little darker than usual. My regular BWO pattern didn't quite match it, so I tied up some using dark dun hen feathers. For this pattern I make the wings using the technique Jeffery Skeate uses for his Adams. (If you aren't familiar with that method, check out the description of "Jeffery's Adams," which illustrates how he makes his wings.)

The turkey biots give a nice segmented body. (If you haven't used them before, thy're the fibers from the "shorter side" of the turkey feather.) When tying the body, the biots are more flexible and easier to handle if you soak them in water for a little while.

Photograph ©2011 by Marv Slind